Vol 1, No 1 (2007)
1.  Title : New approaches to Marine Biofouling Control
      Authors Venkatesan .R               
2.  Title : Bioacoustics-Underwater biological noise measurement and its characterization
      Authors Latha G      Rajendran          
3.  Title : On seaweeds, a renewable bioresource - Bioactive compounds and biomaterials derived therefrom
      Authors Siddhanta A K               
4.  Title : Bioproduction of plant-specific molecules and product development using in vitro cultures of Indian plants
      Authors Seeni S      Padmesh P      K.Satheeshkumar      Reji JV
5.  Title : Hybrid SVM-Ant Colony Optimization for Identification of Protein Functions
      Authors Jayaraman VK      Ankur Gupta      Diwakar Patil      Prashant Shingade,Joydeep Mitra
6.  Title : Multidisplinary Approach For An Important Molecule Synthesis
      Authors Amutha Devi V      Panda T          
7.  Title : Non-Edible Vegetable Oil's Methyl Ester (Biodiesel) As Fuel For Automotives
      Authors Palaniswamy E      Manjula P      Manoharan N     
8.  Title : Deployment of Protein Ontology Framework
      Authors Amandeep Sidhu S      Tharam Dillon S      Elizabeth Chang     
9.  Title : Molecular Dynamics Study of Phospholipase A 2-a-Tocopherol Complex
      Authors Ramakrishnan C      Velmurugan D          
10.  Title : In silico Studies on Modeling of Wild Type and Mutants of Pyrazinamidase and Docking with Pyrazinamide from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
      Authors Nusrath Unissa A      Selvakumar N      Sameer Hasan      Narayanan PR
11.  Title : Synthesis of SBA-15 and Cs HPW for Trans-Esterification Reactions for Biodiesel Production
      Authors Dawn SS      Anitha A      Vikash Kumar      Rajat Jain, Vivek Kumar
12.  Title : Biological Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles Using A Marine Bacterial Culture Isolated From The West Coast Of India
      Authors Roopa Kakarlapudi      Preeti S Mulage      Seema Sharma      Meenal Kowshik
13.  Title : Comparative Screening Of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Of Different Antibiotics And Plant Extracts For Clinical Isolates
      Authors Saravanan M      Aysha OS      Prabhu M      Anima Nanda
14.  Title : Studies On Isolation, Characterization, Antimicrobial Susceptibility And Effect Of Over-the-counter Drugs On Lactobacillus Acidophilus
      Authors G. Sreekumar      Bushra Husain      Soundarajan Krishnan     
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