Vol 1, No 1 (2007)
1.  Title : Cost - Benefit Analysis of E-Learning
Authors Regeena Wilson      Marie Wilson      Thangavel N     
2.  Title : Employer Branding An Essential For Human Capital Strategy
Authors Marie Wilson      Regeena Wilson      Thangavel N     
3.  Title : Wireless Security
Authors P.DANANJAYAN               
4.  Title : Envisioning a Wireless Future
Authors Gunasundari R               
5.  Title : Problem Centric Objectives for E_Learning Modules
Authors Sambanthan T G      Suriakala M      Malliga P      Mohamed Ipbal T M
6.  Title : RFID and IT - 2020
Authors Mohan Kumar G      Shobha Reka          
7.  Title : Computing with Biological Models
Authors RajKumar Dare V               
8.  Title : Communication and Computing Paradigm for Distributed Mobile Systems
Authors Maluk Mohamed M A               
9.  Title : Real - Time Image Rectification of Stereo Images
Authors Vijayalakshmi B      Manoharan N      Sheela Rani B     
10.  Title : Mining Audit Data for Intrusion Detection Systems Using Support Vector Machines and Neural Networks
Authors Ramamoorthy Subbureddiar      Srinivas Mukkamala      Madhukumar Shankarpani      Andrew H. Sung
11.  Title : EVA as Performance Indicator A Case Study of Ucal Fuel Systems Pvt Ltd
Authors Rau S S      Satish R          
12.  Title : Unsteady Stokes Flow of Viscous Fluid between Two Parallel Porous Plates
Authors Ganesh S      Krishnambal S          
13.  Title : A Mechanism for Dynamic Weight Assignment by Inferring Processing Requirement of an Application
Authors JYOTHI V L      SRIVATSA S K          
14.  Title : Computer Assisted Language Learning- An Essential Tool for The English Language Teachers
Authors Nandhini Manivannan      Shubha Mukherjee          
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