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Col. Dr.Jeppiaar M.A.,B.L.,Ph.D.,
Founder and Chancellor

Education without implementation finds no returns in the long run. In this view of encouraging the application of knowledge acquired, young and experienced minds are now widened to explore their ability of research. The International Journals (since December 2007) and National Journals (since March 2010) published by Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology (Deemed to be University) have received good reach amidst educationists and researchers. We are privileged to thank the authors for their valuable contributions at this juncture.

The notable feature of all the eight Journals covering specialized and interdisciplinary interest of Engineering and Management includes transparent evaluation procedure and unbiased assessment of manuscripts based on clearly stated minimum criteria of acceptability. Eminent persons with rich research experience in varied disciplines constitute the editorial board. We are very grateful to the editorial board members and the reviewers in successful publication of the journals

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