Vol 1, No 1 (2007)
1.  Title : Modeling the Instrumentation and Control Systems of Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactor
Authors P. Swaminathan               
2.  Title : Application Of Programmable Logic Devices In Safety Systems
Authors S. Ilango Sambasivan      M. K. Misra          
3.  Title : Verification and Validation for Safety Critical Real Time Computers
Authors D.Thirugnana Murthy      T.Sridevi      A.Shanmugam      P.Swaminathan
4.  Title : Quartz Micromass Balance as a sensor for Chemical Warfare Agents
Authors K.D. Vyas      Joint. Director          
5.  Title : A Case for Joint Development of IR Cameras in India
Authors J. Govindarajan               
6.  Title : Software Quality Assurance (SQA) : Current and Emerging Trends
Authors S Ravichandran      Karthik Padmanabhan      P. M. Shareef     
7.  Title : Image Processing Algorithm for Quantitative Characterization of Thermal Imaging Acquired During On-line Weld Monitoring
Authors N.M.Nandhitha      N.Manoharan      B.Sheela Rani      B.Venkatraman, P.Kalyana Sundaram, Baldev raj
8.  Title : Knowledge Required for Detecting and Defending against Denial of Service Attacks
Authors S. Ramamoorthy      V. Shanthi      Srinivas Mukkamala      Andrew H. Sung
9.  Title : Characterization Of Pin Diode Silicon Radiation Detector
Authors Samichi Srivastava      Rabinber Henry      Anita Topka R     
10.  Title : Sensor Fault Diagnosis in State Feedback Systems using Artificial Neural Networks
Authors V.Manikandan      K.Ramakrishnan      N.Devarajan      C.K.Babu , R.VenkatateswaraBhupathi
11.  Title : Impulsive Noise removal Image Enhancement Technique
Authors Subrajeet Mohapatra      Pankaj Kumar Sa      Banshidhar Majhi     
12.  Title : Analytical Modeling of Nanoscale Double Gate FinFET Device
Authors Balwinder Raj      S. K.Vishvakarma      A. K. Saxena      S. Dasgupta
13.  Title : Voltage Sag Mitigation in Multi-line Transmission System Using Generalized Unified Power Flow Controller
Authors T. Ruban Deva Prakash      N.Kesavan Nair          
14.  Title : Intelligent Control System for Plugging Indicator
Authors Patankar.M.K      Murali.N      Ilango Sambasivan.S      Swaminathan.P
15.  Title : Process Simulation of Nuclear Power Plant Using Latest Techniques
Authors T. Jayanthi      S. Rajeswari      K.R.S. Narayanan      H.Seetha, S. Anathanarayanan
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