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Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology (Deemed to be University) takes pride in publishing four International and four National peer reviewed journals owned solely by the University. Through the publication of these journals, the University aims to contribute towards the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and technology in various fields of Engineering and Technology. We are committed to meet and uphold the standards of journal policy and ethical behavior throughout the publication process.

The Publication policy
Manuscript submission by an author affirms that it is the original work of the author, has not been published elsewhere, not in parallel consideration for publication anywhere and the coauthors have approved the submission process. This journal is committed towards publishing plagiarism free, non fraudulent, high quality data aiming to contribute towards the betterment of engineering sciences. Every manuscript should clearly inform the reader on the funding sources which were instrumental in the research work and any other support worth mentioning. Each manuscript should provide a list of references at the end, which has set the platform for the present research work.

Legal requirements
Before the publication of the manuscript, the author needs to transfer copyright of the same to the Publisher or grant publication and dissemination rights to the publisher in agreement with the copyright laws. The corresponding author is solely responsible for communicating with the journal and between coauthors. If any work related to the submitted manuscript is in consideration with any other journal, a cover letter addressing to the editor is to be included, which should provide confidential information or any conflicts of interest.

Responsibilities of the author

  • Authors should only submit their original research work which is not submitted or published elsewhere. They need to acknowledge or cite the research work or facilities when obtained from other sources. Prior permission should be obtained from the authors or societies if any content is reproduced.
  • To be ready to supply the data pertaining to the submitted article, in case the editor or the reviewer finds it necessary to look into, to determine the originality of the data.
  • If an error is identified after the publishing of the article, the author needs to inform promptly to the editor and cooperate to publish an erratum or addendum.
  • The responsibilities of the corresponding author is to ensure that (i) all the authors who have contributed towards the manuscript are included in the list of authors (ii) the order of authorship agreed by all authors, (iii) All authors are aware of the submission of the manuscript to this journal (iv) All authors are aware of the journal policy and ethics (v) the affiliation and spelling of authors are correct (vi) inform the reviewers comments to all authors and revise the manuscript with their consent and cooperation within the stipulated time(vii) to answer the queries raised by the editor after the paper is published.
Responsibilities of the reviewers
  • The responsibility of the reviewer is two fold
    • To ensure the quality of the manuscript in the aspect of research and technical standards, find the suitability of publication in this journal and to provide the information to the editor to arrive at the right decision on the manuscript.
    • To give information and instruction to authors to strengthen their paper to make it useful to the scientific community.
  • Reviewers are encouraged to find the novelty in the manuscript and if sufficient research work is carried out by the author to stand out from the already published papers.
  • The reviewer should inform the editor if there is any conflict of interest. 
  • To maintain confidentiality on the information provided by the editor and on the information supplied in the manuscript.
  • If the reviewer finds that the content in the manuscript is duplicated, he/she should inform the same to the editor with substantial proof.
Responsibilities of the Editors
  • To perform the publication process in a fair and balanced way without discriminating the authors based on their nationality, gender etc.,
  • To accept and publish papers within the scope of the journal only based on the research novelty and technical merit.
  • To provide opportunity to the authors to respond to the reviewer comments and to revise the paper.
  • The Editor plays a vital role in the selection and publication of scholarly articles.
  • As the journal follows double blind peer review policy, it is the responsibility of the editor to maintain anonymity of reviewers and authors.
Dealing with ethical issues
The ethical standards during the whole publication process will be safeguarded and maintained by the editorial board. It is the duty and responsibility of the author, reviewer, editor and all members of the editorial board to maintain academic integrity and honesty during the publication process.

Erratum or addendum
After online publication of the article, any changes or additions to the existing article can be made in the form of erratum or addendum provided by the author, which will be given as the hyperlink to the article.

Malpractice statement

We are always committed towards the protection of the rights of the author and thereby we investigate claims of plagiarism or misusing already published articles. On the other hand, any breach or copyright infringement or plagiarism by the authors will be viewed seriously. The employer of the accused will be notified with substantial proof. All allegations will be taken seriously until a loyal decision is made.

Retraction of an article

When an author attempts to claim others work as their own or reuses a major portion of his / her own published work again or perform 'salami slicing' where a small amount of new data is added to the previous work, it is termed as 'plagiarism', which will invoke the publisher to contact the author's institute and its funding agency and with considerable proof the article will be retracted.

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